Friday, May 25, 2012

She rides!

Woo hoo! After a few weeks of practice with Jeremy holding her shirt, and sneakily letting go when he thought she was stable, she announced to me this morning that she was ready to go on her own, and she was!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Girl Turns 5!

I can hardly believe that it is true, but Noa is turning 5 tomorrow! I know everyone says it, but I cannot believe that this is the same girl, that this lively, smart, funny (sometimes mouthy) kid is the growing-up version of that baby we held in our arms.

Every day, she amazes me with what she notices, even (or especially) when you don't think she is paying attention. There is nothing that gets by her. I am so proud of the girl that she is and that she is becoming.

Happy Birthday Bean!

Friday, February 05, 2010

All right! All Right!

Realizing that not everyone who adores Noa is on Facebook, I thought I would update the blog after a year break. As you can see, she is now a full-blown little kid.

This is one of my favorite shots--she is standing in a clump of sunflowers at the last ever Michigan State Fair

One of my dear friends, Lani, also had the wisdom and bravery to name her child Noa. He is a sweet little 7 month old, and I was lucky enough to be with his mama when he was born!

Noa and her friend Bava running in the gazebo at Dominos Farms Petting Zoo.


Here is a picture of Noa with her two best buddies from preschool, Jaye and Elle.

Here is another shot of Noa looking cute on the playground at school.

Mesmerized by something. Look at all that blue!

She is now at the point where if you ask her to pose for a picture, the tongue is coming out.

Here is a shot from Summer 09 at a preschool field trip to the pool. They all had matching t-shirts so that they can be corralled easily.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Spring Trip to Domino's Farms

I had the morning off from work so Jeremy, Noa, and I got to enjoy a mid-week outing. We went to Domino's Farms. We had a good time with all the animals. There was a roving gang of ducks at the farm. Don't they look menacing?! Jeremy was trying to show Noa that he could roll with them and he got his finger nipped at!

It looks like he is about to slap the duck, but I assure you, no ducks were harmed..............

That's (a) bull.

Donkey close-up.
This little goat followed Noa around the whole place. He really took a liking to her. Plus, she had carrots.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008


Noa and I got to spend some time today with her good friend Bava and Bava's mommy, Krissy. We went to Java Jungle and Noa was a little iffy about the whole thing since the last time we went, our friend Valerie snapped her ankle in three places while trying to avoid colliding with a small boy at the bottom of the slide she was on. Noa freaked for a while but Bava's steady confidence and playfulness drew her out. Thanks Bava!

They have this cute little habit of holding hands and strolling about. Too cure.